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JAMES M. POTTER, Ph.Dpotter_jim_02.gif (10803 bytes)

Linear Accelerator and High Power RF Specialist



Linear accelerator design and RF measurements, 40 years.
Computer control and data acquisition, 30 years.
High power RF system design and testing, 20 years.
Design of high voltage, high current ac and dc power systems, 20 years.

Additional Capabilities

Practical analog, digital and interface electronic circuit design.
Prevention and correction of grounding and shielding problems.
Analysis and interpretation of coordinate measuring machine data.
Troubleshooting from system level to component level.
Programming: multiple languages, low level to high level.
Implementation of PC-based data acquisition and analysis systems.
Innovative solutions to accelerator engineering problems.
Unique combination of analytic and experimental ability.
Broad technical background for versatile approach to new problems.


Highly effective in communicating physics requirements to engineers and technicians.
Excellent teaching skills: novice through expert level, one-on-one or large groups.
Excellent technical writing skills: experienced in report and proposal writing.


Linear Accelerator Development

  • Contributed to the development of the resonantly coupled linac (CCL) at LAMPF.
  • Co-invented post-coupled drift tube linac (DTL).
  • Played leading role in US development of Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) linac.
  • Co-invented and developed resonantly coupled bridge coupler for joining sections of CCL.
  • Contributed to development of coupled circuit analysis of CCL.
  • Developed circuit analysis for RFQ based on multiport transmission lines and lumped elements.
  • Presently developing multiport network model for DTL analysis.
  • Developed principles and procedures for tuning CCLs and bridge coupled CCLs to achieve stable, uniform field distribution.
  • Invented tilt-sensitivity method for tuning post-coupled DTLs to achieve design field distribution with high stability.
  • Developed principles and procedures for tuning RFQ linacs for uniform, symmetric field distribution.
  • Invented manifold-coupled RFQ to provide distributed coupling of rf power without perturbing field distribution.
  • Developed tuning procedures and supervised tuning of LAMPF CCL, 1970-1972.
  • Determined problem with LAMPF DTL tuning, developed correction method and directed retuning effort (1975).
  • Co-invented adjustable energy DTL.
  • Invented wide range variable energy RFQ for ion implantation.
  • Invented special two beam buncher cavity for accelerator beam funneling.
  • Developed practical rf deflector for beam funneling.
  • Invented "Uni-vane" method of RFQ construction, using an aluminum extrusion to form the base for all four RFQ segments.
  • Co-invented "twin-beam" DTL design used for 2.5-70 MeV portion of Superconducting Super Collider linac system.

RF Power

  • Developed efficient high peak power UHF rf amplifier cavity, using 12 planar triodes in a grounded grid circuit, capable of up to 360 kW output at 425 MHz with1.5% duty factor.
  • Developed four-tube parallel planar triode cavity amplifier capable of 50 kW output at 850 MHz.
  • Developed rf power system for high Q resonant cavity loads with feedback control of cavity phase, amplitude and frequency.
  • Developed compact 40 kW, 2 MHz "class D" rf power system for driving H- ion source plasma.

Measurement and Analysis


Founder, President & CEO
JP Accelerator Works, Inc.

Founder, Senior Research Scientist
AccSys Technology, Inc.

Staff Member
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Accelerator Technology Division

Staff Member
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Meson Physics Division

Graduate Student, Research Asst.
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Staff Member
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Meson Physics Division

Transmitter Engineer

Electronics Technician
Physics Department, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL


Ph.D. , Physics, 1975 - University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

M.S. , Physics, 1970 - University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

B.S. , Engineering Physics, 1964 - University of Illinois, Urbana, IL


Sigma Xi , Scientific Research Society, 1976


For further information contact James M. Potter, Ph.D. at

JP Accelerator Works, Inc., 2245
47th Street Los Alamos, NM 87544

Tel: (505) 661-8155
Fax: (505) 661-8156

Contact Jim Potter at

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