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JP Accelerator - Company history and corporate mission

The staff of JPAW, and its affiliates, are world recognized experts in accelerator technology.

JPAW was formed to bring recent advances in accelerator technology to the marketplace, and to set the standard against which others are measured. JPAW's staff of experts have joined together to create a revolution in commercial accelerator design. We at JPAW are developing new linear accelerators, and rf power technology, that are advancing the state of the art!

JPAW's Research and Development effort is geared toward developing accelerator systems with improved performance, and reliability, at a reduced cost.

Past clients: Western Kentucky University, Applied Physics Institute

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, SNS Front End Systems

Los Alamos National Laboratory, High Power Microwave, Advanced Accelerator, and Electrodynamic Applications

LINAC Systems

International Isotopes, Inc.

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