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JPAW Affiliates

VI Control Systems, Ltd


LabVIEW consulting, Group3 ControlNet hardware, and complete "turn-key" control systems.

Linac Systems

New linac technologies for scientific, medical, and industrial applications.


Reliable source of surplus Russian tubes, vacuum variable capacitors and other rf power system compnents.

North Star Research Corporation  

Innovative technical solutions to high voltage, pulsed power and accelerator problems.

Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc.

Environmentally-friendly, advanced technology solutions for a variety of fluid and water contamination problems such as:  bacteria that contaminate industrial cooling fluids;  infectious pathogens and micro-organisms that contaminate cargo ship ballast water;  waterborne pathogens, and microorganisms, that threaten water supplies; and marine fouling of power / industrial plants, and structures.

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