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Innovation in
Linear Accelerator

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JP Accelerator Works, Inc. is dedicated to providing the research and industrial communities, throughout the world, with inexpensive and effective linear accelerator technology.

Our staff of scientists, engineers and technicians have many years of combined experience designing, building and servicing linear accelerators and related technology.

We have developed new pulse power technology ideal for voltages from a few kV to 100s of kV and peak currents up to hundreds of amperes with sub-microsecond rise and fall times possible, if required. High repetition rate, long pulse length and high duty factor with high efficiency can also be provided as required. Our pulse modulators can be designed for positive or negative output pulses. We also have a unique bipolar version with output pulse polarity selectable on a pulse-by-pulse basis.

For a quote on a JPAW custom pulse modulator e-mail your requirements to Jim Potter or contact him for more information at (505) 661-8155

We are currently developing rf power amplifiers up to 2 MW peak and 100 kW CW based on surplus Russian planar triodes, singly or in parallel and push-pull-parallel circuits. We carry an inventory of tested, guaranteed tubes to insure availability of replacement tubes. Based on the large quantity of surplus tubes available, as well as the lack of availability of new production versions of the same tubes in small quantities, we have decided that the best course is to test the surplus tubes to our specifications, guarantee their performance and make them available "off-the-shelf." Compare this to the availability of new production planar triodes from other sources, with delays of many months for more than one or two tubes. Also, compare the prices. One Russian tube, tested and guaranteed by JPAW, is one third the price of two Brand-Y tubes that together have the same peak power, one half the average anode power and one eighth the grid dissipation. Contact Jim Potter for more details.

For information on availability of surplus Russian tubes for your projects contact qro_stuff, or check out his Ebay store.

For information about UHF and VHF (100 MHz to 600 MHz), pulsed or CW rf power systems custom designed to your specifications contact Jim Potter.

Computer Control & Data Acquisition Systems are done in conjunction with our close affiliate, VI Control Systems

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